Standards of Practice


Five Standards

The work of an effective school library learning commons is framed by five core standards of practice that weave together to generate dynamic learning. Each standard is supported by a growth continuum of indicators of success and authentic examples happening in libraries today. (See Growth Indicators Charts)

Standards of Practice for Effective School Library Learning Commons

LLiconLearningCommunitiesSmallFacilitating Collaborative Engagement to Cultivate and Empower a Community of Learners
LLiconGoalsSmallAdvancing the Learning Community to Achieve School Goals
LLiconInstructionalDesignSmallCultivating Effective Instructional Design to Co-plan, Teach and Assess Learning
LLiconFosteringLiteraciesSmallFostering Literacies to Empower Life-Long Learners
LLiconLearningEnvironmentsSmallDesigning Learning Environments to Support Participatory Learning

The standards focus on key concepts to be implemented to drive best teaching and learning through the Library Learning Commons. The growth indicators provide a snapshot for the implementation of each standard. The work of quantifying and designating best resources and staffing to support implementation of the standards must be managed at the district and school site level.

The charts accompanying each standard provide a continuum of indicators that have been developed to measure beginning steps or guideposts for each standard and progressive stages of implementation and growth. Each stage builds on the accomplishments of the previous stage thus the indicator language is not repeated in most cases but takes on another layer or another aspect of implementation growth. The goal is to get all schools on the path to providing the very best learning environments and library programs possible to support students academically and personally in learning to learn. Every school will find itself somewhere at a different place on the continuum for each indicator. The continuum will assist decision makers to determine what results have been achieved and also to provide future goals.

In keeping with the responsive nature of the Library Learning Commons (LLC), there is no end to the continuum as it evolves to keep pace with information and technology changes and school needs of the future.

Growth Stages

Growth Stages