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Here we extend the reach and influence of Leading Learning, sharing presentation and professional learning resources, and connecting these national standards to the goals and educational priorities in your province or territory.

Presentations  & Papers

Collaborative Leadership in the School Library Learning Commons: New Canadian IASL Conference 2016Standards and New Possibilities

International Association of School Librarianship Conference 2015: Paper by Carol Koechlin and Anita Brooks Kirkland, presented at the conference by Dr. Diane Oberg

IASL2015 Paper (PDF)

IASL 2015 Presentation (PDF)

A video introduction to Leading Learning, based on the IASL presentation.

Professional Learning


QSLiNQSLiN Library Learning Commons Digital Badges

“The Library Learning Commons Digital Badges are designed to teach you about the Canadian Library Association school library standards: Leading Learning. These badges will then guide as you put the standards into action in your library.”

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