Learning Environments: Exemplar C2

Standard: Designing Learning Environments to Support Participatory Learning

Theme: Designing for Accessibility in the LLC

Growth Phase: Evolving

Growth Indicator: LLC physical and virtual spaces and technologies support multiple abilities, with particular benefit for special needs learners.

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This online virtual learning commons, originating in Kelowna, British Columbia, has a special education page designed by their teacher-librarian that pertains to students with special needs, from dyslexia to autism and the different technology available.

Heritage Christian Schools Learning Commons. (2014). Special education.


See It In Action




“SPARC! (Students Participate in Action Research Creatively)” is a universally accessible learning commons designed in an Ontario elementary school for “students and teachers with differing physical, sensory, learning and/or mental health strengths and challenges to create, re-purpose, explore, invent and innovate”.

James Robinson Public School. (2017.) SPARC! Universally Accessible Learning Commons. http://www.yrdsb.ca/schools/jamesrobinson.ps/info/Pages/SPARC!-Universally-Accessible-Learning-Commons.aspx