Instructional Design: Exemplar G4

Standard: Cultivating Effective Instructional Design to Co-plan, Teach and Assess Learning.

Theme: Evidence-Based Practice

Growth Phase: Leading

Growth Indicator: Teacher-librarians contribute their particular knowledge of best practice results in their LLC to the broader education community.

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CLA‘s School Libraries in Canada, journal, is an exemplary resource for shared best practice for the school library learning commons community.

Grose, Derrick, Ed. (2014). School Libraries in Canada.


See It In Action




Teacher-librarians from British Columbia share tested resource based lessons on a wide variety of curricular topics.

Ikeda, Leslie, Leblond, Joanne, Kilpatrick, Susan, Ferrer, Melody, Diane, Silzer, Diane, Comfort, Judith & Proskie, Joanie. (n.d.) School Libraries Without Boundaries.