Fostering Literacies: Exemplar F4

Standard: Fostering Literacies to Empower Life-Long Learners

Theme: Cultural Literacy

Growth Phase: Leading

Growth Indicator: LLC program contributes to the co-creation of cultural literacy.

See It In Action



A learning commons in an elementary school, Calgary, Alberta, utilizes effective technology with students to create a virtual museum celebrating the school’s cultural diversity.

Clark, Steve. (2013a). An augmented cultural museum. Area 3 Learning Commons.


See It In Action




Grade 7 students from Grafton Public School, Ontario, took part, via videoconferencing, in a traditional Inuit lighting ceremony with fellow students in Iqaluit, Nunavut.

MacDonald, V. (2014, April 3). Grafton students connect to the arctic. Northumberland Today.