Fostering Literacies: Exemplar B1

Standard: Fostering Literacies to Empower Life-Long Learners

Theme: Engaging Readers

Growth Phase: Emerging

Growth Indicator: Students self-select reading texts from the collection and report that they enjoy reading for pleasure.

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This Ontario study documents that fewer students read for pleasure and the decline of teacher-librarians may be one reason.

People for Education. (2011). Reading for joy.


See It In Action




Students require practice in handling the right of freedom to read and the concepts of intellectual freedom (CLA); it is the responsibility of professional educators to make available material representing the widest range of interests, so that students may freely explore the world of ideas, be they popular or unpopular.

Canadian Library Association (CLA). (2011b). Statement on intellectual freedom. Position Statements. Canadian Library Association / Association canadienne des bibliothèques.