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Acknowledgements: CLA Publication, 2014

This work has been developed by the Canadian Library Association‘s Voices for School Libraries Network and the CLA School Libraries Advisory Committee in consultation with school library associations and educators across Canada. Their contributions have been invaluable. In particular CLA wishes to thank:

Project Steering Committee

Judith Sykes, Project Coordinator
Carol Koechlin, Writing Coordination & Treasure Mountain Canada
Liz Kerr, Coordination, Treasure Mountain Canada
Linda Shantz-Keresztes, CLA School Library Advisory Committee, Chairperson
Cindy Van Wonderen, CLA Voices for School Libraries Network, Co-moderator
Barbara Clubb, CLA Editorial liaison
Diana Gauthier, Editorial
Derrick Grose, Editor, School Libraries in Canada

Project Focus Group

Heather Daly, President, British Columbia Teacher-librarians’ Association
Erin Hansen, School Library Learning Commons Specialist, Alberta
Ruth Hall, Program Coordinator, Library & Learning Resources & Interdisciplinary Studies, Toronto District School Board, Ontario
Phillip Jeffrey, Manager Library and Information Services, Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board, Ontario

Provincial Committee Chairpersons/Contacts

British Columbia: Heather Daly, President British Columbia Teacher-librarians’ Association (BCTLA)

Alberta: Cynthia Smith, Regional President South, Alberta School Library Council (ASLC)

Saskatchewan: Carlene Walter, President, & Joanne Beltramini, Special Projects Councillor, Saskatchewan School Library Association (SSLA)

Manitoba: Vivianne Fogarty & Jo-Anne Gibson, Manitoba School Library Association (MSLA)

Ontario: Elizabeth Gordon & Isabelle Hobbs, Past-Presidents, Ontario School Library Association (OSLA)

Quebec: Raphaella Dixon, Association pour la promotion des services documentaires scolaires (APSDS)

Nova Scotia: Ray Fernandes, Nova Scotia School Library Committee & Terri Milton, Curriculum Resource Centre Coordinator, Mount Saint Vincent University Faculty of Education

New Brunswick: Kimberly Bauer, Learning Specialist K-12, Literacy and Libraries, New Brunswick Department of Education & Early Childhood Development & Marjorie Sinclair, teacher-librarian (retired), technology mentor and school library advocate

Newfoundland and Labrador: Katherine Rowsell, Co-President, Teacher-Librarians Newfoundland & Labrador

Prince Edward Island: Prince Edward Island Teacher-Librarian Association (PEITLA)

Yukon: Janet Clarke, Yukon Teacher-Librarians’ Sub-Association (YTLSA)

Northwest Territories: Brenda MacLeod, Yellowknife Catholic School Board

Nunavut: Leigh Anne Willard, Director Curriculum Services, Nunavut Department of Education

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